Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday / Lunch

After the impeccable feast that was the homemade pasta and pork cheek ragu from the night before, I was not necessarily looking to make a masterpiece for lunch on Friday. But when I realized we had a good deal of fat from the jowl, an apple, and kale; I had a vision.

First I made cracklings, and with the rendered fat I sauteed up some Kale with chili peppers and a touch of maple syrup. While all this was happening, I cut up some apple and put together a salad that made me positively euphoric.

I dare say that between these two meals, things are really coming together here on Withers street. - dmp

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Liza Jane said...

CARRY ON YOUNG PRINCE!! What an inspired meal. This blog is dangerous for me at lunch time. But please keep 'em coming! Xo Liz