Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday / Pork Belly Rillons with Salsa Verde

Sunday we took the night off for an extraordinary date/dinner at Marlow & Sons, complete with oysters, semolina porridge, creamed kohlirabi with guanciale, risotto, sea bass, fried apple pie for desert, and an especially memorable appetizer of Pork Belly Rillons with Salsa Verde. As some readers will know, I've braised Pork Belly many times to varying degrees of success and after the jowl it is my favorite piece of pork. Still, discovering Rillons is similar to only knowing Surfer Girl and then having someone play you Pet Sounds; I had no idea something already so delicious could be that much better.

Tuesday night I nabbed a piece of Belly from a beautiful Ossabaw courtesy of
Flying Pigs Farm, and making Rillons only made sense. Searching for recipes, sure enough the amazing folks of Last Nights Dinner had already made Caroline Fidanza's recipe; an amazing but perhaps not too coincidental discovery. I was quite happy with the results and our house still has the faint smell of sweet pork.

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