Friday, February 6, 2009

Thursday / Butternut Squash & Golden Beet Soup with Truffle Oil

Il Passatore, one of our favorite restaurants, makes an incredible butternut squash ravioli with truffle oil. Ever since I ate it that first time, I've been obsessed with trying to recreate a similar dish at home. This time I wasn't really in the mood for pasta, but I finally shelled out $9 for that teeny tiny bottle of truffle oil, and thought it would be delicious atop a creamy, pureed squash soup with parmesan cheese.
The result? Pretty good, but not quite good enough. Next time I think I'll add some garlic to the soup base and will stick to straight-up squash, instead of adding the beets. Maybe a little more maple syrup as well? I'll keep working on it!

p.s. the other day, I received an incredible package from my Grammy with 16 hand-sewn cloth napkins inside. The napkins, which can be seen in this photo, are just perfect and made my dinner feel all the more special. Thanks, Gram!


Juliet Jacobson said...

Hey Sexy #1 and #2:

What I'd like to see here are some recipe-type-directions. The photos are enough to inspire, but not enough to attempt mimicry! In loo of taste buds basic ingredients would do...

Love the blog.


mollyoh said...

this is a familiar request! unfortunately, i'm pretty good at dumping stuff in a pot all willy-nilly, but not so good at drafting recipes. i do see the value in listing ingredients (it'd be good for my own memory as well as the readers') and plan to start writing a bit more about the cooking process in the narrative. so, bear with us as we work out the kinks! i'm glad you like the blog! xx. m.