Friday, January 23, 2009

Headcheese / Part One

It may seem strange from a quick look at this blog, but I was a fairly avid vegetarian for 8 years of my life, and a vegan for almost a year of that 8. While living in London I had a craving for meat and the usual internal motives that kept me from eating it weren't really there anymore. I always knew once I fell off the wagon, I would fall hard and I surely did. For at least a year I ate meat at every meal, trying to make up for lost time. This has leveled off considerably and while I have consumed a lot of meat since my veggie days, it has only been in the last few years that my growing ethical concerns about meat consumption has lead me to explore nose-to-tail eating and cooking.

So it is in the spirit of obligation, chance, and pure culinary exploration that I am making Headcheese for the first time. The good folks at BK were kind enough to let me part with a Pig's head (excluding the delicious jowls) from a pig butchering class and as I write it is sitting in a brine in my backyard. Before putting it in the brine I took a few pictures. After some discussion we decided I should just link to a picture of it to be courteous to our readers. While I agree with this decision, the only drawback is that having a Pig's Head posted would really separate us from every other 'couple-makes-beautiful-dinner-blog.' Oh well.

Anyway, should you not find such things offensive please go
here. And in case you were wondering removing eyeballs from a pig is somewhat gross. More coming soon. - dmp

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Jennette said...

I applaud your sense of adventure. But also ew. ;)