Friday, January 30, 2009

Headcheese / Part Three

After a full week since it entered our home, the Headcheese is finally done and I can safely say it was one of the most laborious foods I've ever made. At the same time, preparing it once immensely rewarding. While I think it came out quite well, the gelatinous pork delicacy is not for everyone and thus far I seem to be the only household member eating it.
Headcheese on baguette with pickle, mustard, and caper berries.


Jennette said...

What does it taste like?

bs said...

can I come over?

nothingisnew said...

Holy Sheet !! This is insane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like the wild west over there. YEHAW!

karynbehnke said...

please pack me a doggie bag.

Sarah said...

the testa looks amazing! you should try warming a slice in the oven, it's delicious that way too.

David Michael said...

Sorry for the late reply friends, we were in the great state of Maine, and thanks for all the interest and kind words.

J: It tastes a bit like a savory jelly- salty, a bit spicy, with an undeniable porky goodness.

BS&K: there is tons for each of you, come get a doggie bag anytime, though sooner than later probably.

S: Thanks, sounds like a perfect lunch!