Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday / Country Pate

With a Tuesday off and some money in my pocket I finally made my way to Marlow & Daughters, the all-local, all natural butcher shop owned by the Marlow & Sons/Diner folk. As those of you in the NYC area will know, the weather was not on my side, it was windy and grey out but I persevered, determined to get my hands on their delicious Country Pate I had previously tasted at BK (thanks Harry).
A lot has been said about the 'culinary brooklyn' movement as of late so I won't further play cheerleader but I advise all of you to go there immediately if you haven't already. I bought all kinds of great things at bargain prices including this Country Pate, consisting of pork liver, duck, and a pig tongue running down the center!
Generously spread on some baguette with Cornichons and Parsley, this may be the most perfect bite of food I can imagine. If the Sheriff ever catches up with me and I'm on death row, please bring me some Country Pate before I make peace with my maker. - dmp

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Jennette said...

I ADORE cornichons. And that's no lie.