Friday, April 17, 2009

Wednesday / Roast Chicken and Kale

Earlier in the week, Molly snagged a whole Chicken which we've been quite stoked about cooking up since as you may have noticed its been a while. While I try to avoid shopping at Sunac at all costs, I found myself there after work entranced by some beautiful purple kale. We've also been wanting to experiment with our old standard, Polenta, making it more creamy, using half stock and half whole milk. We stuffed the lil bird with lemons, herbs, and garlic. While that was in the oven, Molly made the polenta and I sauteed the psychedelic kale in a little salty fatback. Molly finished it with a pan gravy and the results were satisfying beyond belief; everything worked perfectly well together and the kale somehow stayed crisp despite being so cooked down. As the great WR would say it was like 'Restaurant' good. - dmp
Chicken and Kale


Matt Cassity said...

It smelled good!


PERPETUAL HUNGER! loves your blog!!! such inspiration, truly. check us out.


Juliet Jacobson said...

tried your creamy polenta idea with ramps, a fried egg, and a mystery hard cheese. lovely. thanks for the tip!